SPANISH COLONIAL ART & FURNITURE : New Mexico Santos, Retablos, Bultos, Tinwork, & Reredos.
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Spanish Colonial Terms

SPANISH COLONIAL FURNITURE - Handmade furniture utilizing traditional methods of joinery from 18th Century New Mexico. Handcarved furnitue including wedding chests, storage chests, chairs, tables, wood frames, and much more. The traditional wood is Pine. Methods include Old World mortise and tenon joinery and handcarving techniques.

SANTOS - A word which encompasses the whole spectrum of Classic New Mexico Spanish Colonial Art and Folk Art.  Including Retablos, Bultos, Tin Retablos, Reredos, Handcarved Pine Crucifixes, Unpainted Wood Carvings, Relief Carvingsand Straw Applique.

RETABLO - Spanish Colonial religious painting on pine wood plaque.( Folk Art version of Icons.)  Usually hand adzed and handcarved with fans,  rosettes. and rope carved edges. Painted with homemade gesso, waterbased natural pigments, and sealed with a pinon sap varnish and finished with beeswax.

BULTO - A Santo handcarved in the round using native woods like cottonwood roots or pine wood such as sugarpine or ponderosa pine. Painted with homemade gesso, waterbased natural pigments and finished with pinon sap varnish and handrubbed with beeswax.

UNPAINTED BULTOS - Santos carved in the round but not painted. Two examples are the Salazar Style from Taos NM using Red Cedar and the Cordova style from Cordova NM using Aspen wood.

NEW MEXICO TINWORK - Handpunched tin in a variety of forms including nichos, frames, furniture, sconces, crosses, chandielers, rosettes,and a variety of other accesories.

TIN RETABLOS - Retablo Painting on tin sheets  sometimes with hand punched borders and fans.

REREDOS - An Altar Screen which is either freestanding or a large retablo with several saints painted on it. Freestanding Altar Screens include a Spanish Colonial Furniture Base with retablo paintings on top. The base is usually handcarved with Salamanaca Columns (rope carved columns) and is usually adorned with paintings. Many also include bultos and handpunched tin work accents.

STRAW APPLIQUE CROSSES - Crosses made of pine wood painted black and adorned with straw (to make them look like gold.) in geometrical patterns.  Straw applique crosses have the straw glued to the surface without any finish.       

Contact Information:

Roberto Gonzales


Mailing Information:

112 Rio Grande Blvd. NW

Albuquerque, NM 87104-1445

2012 AWARDS:

Roberto Gonzales: Retablos - Best of Show, First Place; 12TH Station, Cristo Crucificado. NMSF

                                   Bultos - First Place; La Conquistadora. NMSF

                                   New Mexico Tin Work - First Place; San Rafael Punched Tin Retablo. NMSF

                                   Furniture - Second Place; Priest's Chair. NMSF  

   Dora Gonzales: Retablos - First Place; Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe w/ Sconce. NMSF

Adriana Gonzales: Altar Screen - Compadres Artesanos Award; La Conquistadora Reredos. Spanish Market

                                   Retablos - First Place; Our Lord Of Esquipulas. Fine Arts, NMSF

                                   Retablos - Second Place; El Santo Nino de Atocha. NMSF Youth Art

  Liberty Gonzales: Altar Screen - Compadres Artesanos Award; La Conquistadora Reredos. Spanish Market

                                   Retablos - First Place; San Pasquale. NMSF Youth Art

                                   Retablos - Second Place, San Pascual, "Red or Green". Fine Arts, NMSF


2013 AWARDS:

Roberto Gonzales: Bulto en Nicho - First Place; Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe. NMSF

                                    Relief Carving - Second Place; "Holy Family". NMSF

     Dora Gonzales: Retablos - Second Place; Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe. NMSF

Adriana Gonzales: Retablos - First Place; San Isidro, NMSF (youth 13-18yrs)

                                  Retablos - Second Place; Santa Barbara, NMSF Fine Arts (youth 13-18yrs)

  Liberty Gonzales: Retablos - Third Place; St. Kateri Tekawitha, NMSF Fine Arts (youth 9-12yrs)

  Liberty Gonzales: Retablos - Participation Ribbon; St. Francis, NMSF (youth 9-12yrs)